The Miami Downtown Development Authority (“Miami DDA”) is an independent agency of the City of Miami, focused on improving the quality of life for stakeholders, residents, and visitors in Downtown Miami through business development, infrastructure and capital improvements, and the provision of services. Through its programs and initiatives – as well as its partnerships with other government entities and organizations – the Miami DDA is strengthening Downtown Miami’s position as an international center for commerce, culture, and tourism.

Powered by the support of City stakeholders, residents, and an active 15-member board of directors, the Miami DDA is the engine for Downtown Miami’s ongoing transformation into one of the world’s great urban centers. Downtown Miami connects people to enriching new metropolitan experiences.

The Downtown Community Grants are designed to support special events and projects taking place in FY 2018-2019 in Downtown Miami including new projects and innovative ideas over a short time frame. This grant is NOT intended as a long term or continuous grant.
The project/event should have a demonstrable economic impact on Downtown Miami and strengthen Downtown Miami’s appeal as a destination. Projects/events submitted should further take into consideration the goals of the Downtown Miami Master Plan 2025 (see to download) and the mission of the Miami DDA. Ideas submitted for funding are encouraged to activate the Baywalk/Riverwalk, Parcel B, and/or Flagler Street.
Priority will be placed on these projects/events in the following categories:

  • Outdoor Activities – activating public spaces and green spaces that promote and connect the Downtown community as well as attracts tourism.
  • Community Building – events/programs that promote and connect the Downtown community as well as attracts tourism.
  • Miami the Global City – promoting downtown as an international and cultural center.
  • Promoting Downtown as a dining destination.
  • Transportation – promoting the ease and/or use of different public transportation options in Downtown.

Informational Conference Call
We will be hosting an informational conference call to address any questions that may arise through the application process on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 4:00pm during the all Summer 2019 grant cycle.
Conference Call Number: 1-800-299-9112 Conference ID: 025197#
To be eligible to apply:
· The project/event must take place within the DDA boundaries.
· The applicant must have a history of producing this or similar events, festivals or projects and must include in their submission OR have a comprehensive business plan for a new concept.
· The applicant must have a reputation for excellence and credibility.
· The applicant must provide a letter of confirmation from the venue that the event is taking place.
A Downtown Community Grant carries no commitment for future support beyond the time of the funded project/event.

· Requests may be submitted up to a maximum of $10,000.
· A DCG may not be the sole funding source, but up to half. The applicants must demonstrate funding commitments from other sources.
Applicants will need to submit a summary on their project/event not to exceed two pages, including pictures from prior events/projects via Submittable –
Applications will be evaluated by examination of the following criteria (Note: Criteria are not mutually exclusive and in no particular ranking):
· Reflecting the goals of the Downtown Miami Master Plan 2025 and/or Mission of the Miami DDA Economic Impact
· Furthering the brand of Downtown Miami and contributing to the diversity of offerings

To clarify abilities and strategies, the Miami DDA may request additional information as follows:
1. Administrative Ability: (As determined by Application, Outline of Programming and Letters of Support)

  • Completeness and clarity of application and attachments. 
  • Thoroughness of planning and intended execution, coherence of programming.
  • Feasibility of accomplishing the project as described.
  • Past performance of project and/or company or applicant.
  • Letters of Support – 2 required.

 2. Marketing Impact (As determined by the Marketing Summary, Press Coverage, Past Performance)

  • Completeness of a clear marketing strategy in place.
  • Effectiveness of promotional reach (local/regional/national/international).

 3. Fiscal Management: (As determined by Budgets) 

  • Accuracy and prudence of all budgets.
  • Broad base of financial support and/or substantiated private sector support.

Allowable Expenditures:

  • Production costs related to the proposed program, project or event.
  • Artistic fees related to the proposed program, project or event.
  • Honorariums.
  • Equipment rental and expendable materials.
  • Marketing & Publications.

Restricted Expenditures: 

  • Purchase of “bricks and mortar” or permanent equipment, unless the purchase price is less than the cost of rental.  Proof will need to be provided.
  • Debt reduction.
  • Programs/activities outside of Downtown Miami and the Miami DDA district boundaries. 
  • Income generating events for an organization other than the applicant organization.
  • Lobbying or propaganda materials.
  • Payments made out to the organizer or funder herself/himself.
  • Charitable  contributions.

Eligibility Review:
Upon submission, Miami DDA staff will review applications for eligibility and compliance. Each proposal will be reviewed to determine if it  is responsive to the submission requirements outlined in the application.  A “responsive” proposal is one which:

 a) is submitted in the format outlined in the application
b) is of timely submission
c) includes all required documentation
d) has appropriate signatures as required on each document

 Failure to comply with these requirements will deem a proposal non-responsive.

 Grant Evaluation:
The Miami DDA Executive Director will appoint a Grant Review Committee (GRC) for Downtown Community Grants. The committee can be comprised of Downtown stakeholders, Downtown residents and/or Miami DDA staff.  Applicants to the grant program are not eligible to serve on the committee.

The Miami DDA reserves the right to investigate the financial capability, reputation, integrity, skill and quality of performance under similar operations of each respondent. The GRC will have the option to review all the submissions or the committee can elect not to review submissions that do NOT comply with the eligibility requirements and are deemed non-responsive.
Furthermore, the Miami DDA prefers events submitted for the DCG be FREE to the public. The Miami DDA will not support events with a ticket price of $15 or more.

  •  In due course, applicants may be contacted to answer questions and/or provide additional information to support their submission. The contact information provided on the application form will be used for all future correspondence. All applicants will be notified of the final decision on the date stated in these guidelines.


  • The  grant recipient must send a request for payment/invoice to the Miami DDA within forty-five (45) days of the completion of the event. The grant award check is prepared and mailed directly to the grantee at the address on record. It is the responsibility of the grantee to notify staff in writing of any address changes during this process. Grant awards not invoiced within this period may be forfeited.
  • A Final Report is required within forty-five (45) days of the project completion date. If the final report is not received within 45 days, the grant award may be forfeited. 
  • Should applicant be a recipient of the grant in the previous fiscal year, grant awards for the new fiscal year will not be released until all final reports for previous years’ funding are received.
  • Grant funds not encumbered (contracted for) by the end of the Miami DDA’s fiscal year in which they were awarded, or for which a project extension has not be approved, shall revert to the Miami DDA on September 30, 2019.
  • In the case that your project/event is postponed, the grantee must notify the Miami DDA in writing to request approval of a date change. The new event date must be within the grant-funding period.
  • In the case that your project/event is cancelled, the grantee must notify the Miami DDA in writing. 

 One (1) completed application form and all required support materials must be received by the Miami DDA via Submittable – no later than noon on Wednesday, June 5, 2019. The Miami DDA will NOT accept any hand delivered files.
Every submission will receive confirmation of receipt within 24 hours. If a confirmation email is not received, contact Prisca Tomasi or Kim Hils at (305) 579-6675. Please make sure to keep this confirmation for your records.

All applications must be received online via Submittable – Each application must include the following attachments: 

  • Completed online application form
  • Attach a separate document when directed with a description of your project/event not to exceed two pages, including pictures from prior events/projects
  • Contact information of person directly responsible for the project/event.



  • ·DO  complete all required fields on online application. If a question does not apply to your organization, mark “N/A” or “Not Applicable”.
  • DO submit attached documentation in a typed (no handwritten) 8.5 x 11 format using a font sized no smaller than 12 Point.
  • DO list as the contact person an individual who is knowledgeable about the project, organization and budget and who can be reached during office hours (weekdays 9am-5pm).
  • DO submit one complete application with supporting materials.
  • DO make certain your complete submission is received at Submittable – no later than noon on the deadline date. 
  • DO keep a copy of the completed application for your records.
  • DO NOT substitute the application with a self-created form.
  • DO NOT have another organization or individual present an application on your behalf.
  • DO NOT contact any Miami DDA Staff, Board Members, and/or review committee members to lobby or advocate for the grant.

Miami Downtown Development Authority